By Glen McFarland

A Special Recognition

Emily joined McGovern Hurley as a University of Waterloo Co-op student in January 2018, and completed twelve months of work term experience with the firm. After completing the Master of Accounting degree, she completed the 2020 Common Final Exam (CFE). On November 27, 2020, it was announced that she ranked on the CFE honour roll, representing the top one percent of Canada’s successful CFE writers.

The Common Final Examination (CFE) is a three-day exam conducted by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), as the final step of the educational requirements for becoming a CPA.

Glen McFarland, Partner, commented “we have an exceptional team of professionals and administrative support at the firm, and it is an honour to see one of our home-grown students be recognized in this special way”.

I was completely shocked when I got the call from you saying that I had made the honour roll. I had been just hoping to pass! I think the combination of my schooling and co-op terms at McGovern Hurley helped prepare me for the exams. Working at McGovern Hurley provided me with practical experience and a strong understanding of audit and assurance practices that were transferable to the cases I had written. Having completed 12 months of co-op terms at McGovern Hurley, I was very excited to start full time this September. The firm has been a great place to work. I have met so many wonderful people who took time to share their experience and knowledge with me. I am never afraid to ask questions and feel I am continually learning.

Emily Gillespie

The partners of McGovern Hurley congratulate all of our successful 2020 CFE candidates, and are thrilled to see Emily represent the firm on the prestigious CPA Honour Roll.