Important Update Regarding Filing Obligations for All Ontario Corporations

By McGovern Hurley

The Ontario Annual Return refers to a mandatory filing requirement for all corporations operating in the province of Ontario. It entails the submission of an updated list of corporate details to the provincial authorities. The details typically include information about the corporation’s directors, officers, and registered office address. The purpose of the Ontario Annual Return is to ensure that the government and the public have access to current and accurate information about each corporation registered in the province.

The Annual Return is required within six months of the corporation’s fiscal year end.  This filing obligation applies to every existing corporation, even in cases where no changes have occurred since the previous submission of the annual return.

Previously, until May 15, 2021, corporations could submit their Ontario Annual Returns as part of their income tax returns (T2) through the Canada Revenue Agency, on behalf of the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery. However, the process has since been updated, and now all Ontario corporations are required to file their annual returns directly through the Ontario Business Registry.


McGovern Hurley LLP would be pleased to complete the filing of the Annual Return on behalf of the Corporation upon written request from the Corporation. If you would like us to assist with your Corporation’s Ontario Annual Return filing, please let us know. We are available if you have any questions.

John Mendis, Tax Advisory and Compliance Partner,

Greg Furyk, Business Advisory and Compliance Partner,