A new look.

By Glen McFarland

After more than 40 years of success, McGovern Hurley looks forward to a new decade. We approach this with an uncompromising standard of service, quality and excellence. Our wordmark is the manifestation of the authentic, extraordinary and uncompromising service McGH offers to our customers. Bringing together a sense of our history and reliability in a fast changing world.


McGovern Hurley Letterhead

Colours are an important part of our brand personality. Blue has been a longstanding hue in the McGH brand and we carry on this tradition.
The colours selected invoke a feeling of historical significance. From our primary blue that taps a barely perceptible mineral shade to the supporting blues that have a weathered and reliable feel. Our palette expresses the fundamental simplicity of black and white with the expression of a timeless blue.


McGH Stationery

Through all this our commitment to hiring and investing in exceptional people hasn’t changed. Our team has grown and is a reflection of the diversity and strength Canada brings to the world.

So as we look to this new decade our new look introduces us anew to our current clients, to our incredible team and to the world of possibilities and potential.