Cogs and Catalysts
By Soheil Talebi

Do You Own Your Business, or Does Your Business Own You? An idea for a business is born in the imagination of an entrepreneur.  The long hours, sweat and tears are expected to make the idea flourish into a business. But when can you crown yourself a business owner? Let’s assume your concept is financially

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A Geological Divide
By Koko Yamamoto

The changing face of the mining industry. I was speaking with a client recently. She had organized a meeting of geologists, and the final guest, who happened to be male, walked into the room. Upon looking around, he apologized and promptly walked out. She could only assume that, because the room was full of women,

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The Gift of Sports
By Chris Milios

The dos and don’ts of corporate gifts. As an advisor, you like to thank your client with a gift.  A very popular corporate gift is to take a client (or customer) to a sporting event, or simply send them a pair of tickets.  If you are unsure how to do this or the etiquette involved, 

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Die Once Pay Tax Twice
By John Mendis

Consequences of failing to plan for death. You may have heard the saying, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This is the story of Canadian taxpayers who fail to plan for the inevitable, sacrificing significant amounts of their estate value that could have been transferred to the next generation. Yes, you

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A new look.
By Glen McFarland

After more than 40 years of success, McGovern Hurley looks forward to a new decade. We approach this with an uncompromising standard of service, quality and excellence. Our wordmark is the manifestation of the authentic, extraordinary and uncompromising service McGH offers to our customers. Bringing together a sense of our history and reliability in a

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